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What is consignment?

Come in and drop the shoes off with us, fill out the paperwork, figure out the prices, and get paid when the shoes sell! 

We will notify you of consignment sales every week via email; and when the item does sell, you can either get a check for the payment via in person pick up or by mail, or use it as store credit at SoHO Gallery.

What is the consignment split?

We charge a 20% consignment fee, so it is a 80/20 split.

How do you guys determine the prices?

We will work with you to figure out a price for the item, consult and recommend you prices with previous in-store and online sales data.

Can I take my shoes out anytime?

We charge a $20 fee fr any items withdrawn before the 20 day mark, anytime after 20 days you can come get your item if you do not wish to continue to consign with us.

If I'm not located in Tennessee, can I still consign with you guys?

Of course, please email us at SOHOFOOTWEAR615 [a] GMAIL.COM for a copy of the agreement and item form, and you can just ship the items to us along with the filled out paperwork.